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At this time last year, I never thought I'd be what I'm saying today, and that is sad. You see, I have been in a position where debt has been accumulating. I thought there was no end in sight.
Slowly, I have begun to pay off one of the larger debts, and other things are starting to fall into place as well. Do I have any of it completely paid off? Not yet, BUT I'm getting there. The sure sign of this is the fact that today, for the first time in 3 years, I opened a new account at a bank: a savings account! Now, I can't guarantee that it will continually grow, but it will help me achieve certain goals financially by giving me a place to put money until I can pay off more of my debt.

Do I know everyone that I owe money to? No, honestly, I don't. I know the big ones, and those are very close to being out of my life for good! Then, it's small ones to take care of. But this new account will help me, I believe, to make that possible!

You have no idea how excited I am!


  1. Becky  


  2. candleprayer  

    Yay!!! :D

  3. Mairs  

    Yay Rosko! That must feel awesome! Keep plugging - a worthy goal, that.

  4. Dn. Marty  

    Hi, I found your blog through a round-about networking with Dn. Joseph M. I'm a deacon in Dayton, Ohio, at St. Paul Church, and also an accountant. The savings account is wonderful!

    I note you are a ham? kd5??? I'm w8mu. Perhaps we can make a sked sometime.

    73, In Christ,
    Dn. Marty
    Martin D. Watt, CPA
    Dayton, Ohio

  5. Rosko  

    Becky, Kyri, Mairs, thanks for the excitement!

    Father Deacon,
    Very nice to have you stumble on my blog. Dn Joseph is a wonderful man, I'm glad to have you here. Yes, I am a ham, General Class, looking to upgrade. Also looking to find ground-level apartment friendly HF antenna ideas. Gotta get on the air (skeds are ALWAYS an option). Anway, great to hear from you.

    73 in XC,
    Harry (called Rosko), KD5TMU

  6. Dn. Marty  

    Well, when I was living in an apartment (ground floor) I found a downspout/gutter right beside a window. I (secretly) drilled a hole and put the center conductor of coax to it, then the braid I connected to a ground rod which I (secretly) drove into the ground near the same gutter.

    Didn't work great, but it worked!

    In Christ,
    Dn. Marty

  7. Greg  

    There is almost no prison worse than debt and no freedom better than debt-free. Stick with it, you will be glad you did.

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